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What We Do

A tax return is not a bunch of forms we fill in. It is a window into the financial affairs of our clients and by extension into their personalities.


A financial report is not an assemblage of numbers with vague descriptions of what they mean.

A financial report tells the story of the business, its business trends, liquidity, leverage, and operational efficiency.


To our trained and concerned eyes, we can use this data to help our client’s imagine, predict and project their future.

Tax Planning

With strong technical knowledge and proactive thinking, we ensure our clients have the best tax structure for them and their business. We provide strategies for minimizing federal income taxes, the Texas franchise tax, other state income and franchise taxes, local sales taxes, and local property taxes.

Tax Preparation

With our focus and attention to detail, we accurately prepare:


  • 1040 Individual Income Tax Returns

  • 1120/1120S Corporate Income Tax Returns

  • Form 1065 Partnership/LLC Returns

  • Texas Franchise Tax Returns

  • State Income/Franchise Returns

  • Form 1041 Income Tax Returns for Estates and Trusts

Financial Services

  • Financial Analysis and Profitability Review

  • Financial Statements for a third party, such as a banker, lender, investor

  • Cash Flow Statements and Projections

  • Internal Controls Analysis

Succession Planning

  • Assist with Sales/Transfers of a Business

  • Assist with Estate Planning and Review

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