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Achieve Your Goals

Are you seeking to enhance the value of your business profits while maintaining your happiness? Then, Renée Solinger, CPA is your answer. Our ideal client desires both financial success AND fulfillment and we can help you achieve that goal! With more than 30 years of Certified Public Accounting experience, the firm of Renée Solinger has developed a Business Growth Advisory Program that expedites results for our clients.

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Our Business Growth Advisory Program begins with a complimentary Situational Business Analysis. Is your business as profitable as you want it to be? How is your cash flow? Are your sales growing as fast as you desire? How is your work/life balance? Your confidential meeting with Renée Solinger will help us help you define your current business environment and priorities.

On completion of our Situational Business Analysis, you will receive a one-page overview analysis. Of course, we can’t achieve total discovery within a one-hour consultation, but it will provide you with perspective and jump start us into our complete Business Growth Advisory Program.


Growth requires clarity and you cannot create new possibilities if you do not visualize them first. With clarity, we expand on the Situational Analysis for a broader fiscal picture while focusing on your needs. This stage includes a complete financial and performance analysis. Should the environment warrant, we will also explore the current personal, business and retirement situation.


Once you have a clear picture of your goals, we will begin outlining a written strategy and an aggressive action plan to make them happen. We will expand your vision and set benchmarks while defining your one, three and five-year business goals. Your vision will be translated into a written timeline that outlines monthly deliverables supported by scheduled monthly or quarterly performance meetings throughout the year.


As your Concierge Business Advisor, we will hold you accountable and highlight any issues of concern that should be addressed along the way. Sometimes, a complete change of direction is required, but often simple changes in technology or software enhancements will keep your business goals on track. We are always available to listen, provide recommendations and guidance throughout the process. With our expertise on your side, you will succeed!


A clear picture with a written vison and a keen focus are the steps required to ensure success. You will start seeing results within months and reach your 1-year goals in short order. We will continue to provide astute guidance and positive support as your reach your personal and business goals. We strongly believe in Anthony’s Robbin’s declaration that, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

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